Driving school for teens has come a long way since you first learned how to drive. It used to be a class you could take in high school as soon as you were fifteen-and-one-half years old. The driving practice typically involved an instructor from school and a special car that you would pile into with two other teens and take turns driving around town. That is very different from now. There are many different options for learning how to drive, and on top of that, there are organizations that typically would not be something you would think of when it comes to driving lessons, but these organizations offer something extra to students.

Classroom Instruction, Five to Ten Hours of Driving Instruction, and a Year of Roadside Assistance

There are driving clubs and associations that are now offering driving school and behind-the-wheel instruction in limited locations. These organizations are interested in helping young drivers become good drivers, and they even offer a bonus incentive to teens who complete the classroom and driving courses. The bonus is a year of roadside assistance and membership in the driving club. For young drivers and worried parents, that is definitely a tempting bonus. The only downside is that it is not available everywhere, and usually, it only exists in some of the bigger cities. 

Driving School That Is Extended Driving Practice

Then there are the driving schools that have very little classroom instruction, but more than adequate driving practice. Since young drivers are so inexperienced with driving on the road, this might be the type of school to look into if you are worried that your child will not be a very good driver. These schools usually log over two hundred hours of driving practice, more than what most states require prior to taking the road test for one's license. The instructor in the car with the students recites many road rules and laws as they take turns driving and racking up their hours to completion of the course.

Driving Schools Offered by Insurance Companies

There are also a handful of insurance companies that offer driving instruction. The bonus to this offer is that each of these companies insists on young drivers acquiring their own insurance policies prior to getting behind the wheel. If the drivers are not yet seventeen or eighteen, they still have to learn about the process of getting their own insurance policy before they can begin the course so that they will know what to do when they are old enough. When they are old enough, they can return with their driving instruction certificate to receive a discount on car insurance.

For more information, reach out to some local driving schools.