If you have a gun and want to make it more durable, then you might want to put a protective coating on it. Then you won't be worried about how it holds up outside in the elements. If you plan to put one of these coatings on a firearm yourself, be sure to take these measures.

Remove All Traces of Dirt and Oil

Regardless of what coating you opt to install on a gun that you care about, you need to make sure the firearm is free of dirt and oil. Both substances would prevent the protective coating from sticking like it's supposed to. Then the coating won't hold up for very long.

As such, it's best to clean your gun gently to make sure dirt and oil aren't left on any of the surfaces that you're applying a protective coat to. If you clean in a thorough manner and inspect your results afterward, you can enjoy a simpler coating application process. 

Use a Rack to Keep the Gun in Place 

You'll have a much easier and cleaner coating process with your firearm if you place it on a dedicated rack before putting a protective coating on it. The rack will save you from having to hold the gun with your hands or mount it. You can apply one side of the gun with the coating and then flip it over on the rack to do the other side.

Just make sure you get a rack that's tall enough to where you don't have to bend over when applying your protective coating solution. Then you'll be able to carry out this gun enhancement in a safe, convenient manner the entire time. 

Rent Out a Spray Gun For Simpler Application 

Use a spray gun to make coating application for a firearm simpler. It will spray out the coating on all areas of your firearm, giving you all the protection you need from outdoor elements.

You can rent this spray gun too so that you can save money on equipment costs. Once you find the appropriate model, you'll just need to practice spraying your coating solution until your tactics are dialed in. 

One of the best ways to make a gun more durable is to put a protective coating on it. If you want to apply it yourself, just make sure you use the right application techniques and tools.

For more information about gun coatings, like Cerakote gun coating, contact a local company.