You can make the most out of your towing company if you upgrade your services to a 24-hour towing company. Your towing company is relied upon by individual car owners, emergency service companies, and other establishments to keep broken down vehicles off the road and to save lives that are in danger due to being stranded. 

If you want to increase business and get the most out of your towing company, then consider upgrading your company to a 24-hour towing service. See why making this one change to your business can help you stand out from other towing companies.

You make your company the one to call for all after-hours services

Accidents, breakdowns, and failures-to-start happen with vehicles at all hours of the day or night. When someone calls for emergency towing, the company that is on call or has 24-hour towing is the first company considered. Stand out from the competitors in your area by being the towing company that offers reliable services all day. You can have 24-hour towing all the time or just on select days of the week (although constant services are best).

You'll be the towing company of choice for auto insurance companies and emergency services to contact for tows when you expand your office hours. Your change in office hours can greatly increase the amount of service you get.

You make more money in your company

You can make more money as a towing company if you offer 24-hour towing services. Your after-hours charges can be anything from a standard rate or after-hours fee to a higher charge per mile. These charges are often applied to what you charge auto insurance companies since many of your clients have auto insurance that covers some towing. This means you can enjoy serving your community more effectively while making more money as well.

You can differentiate without doing a lot

There are not many ways you can differentiate from other towing companies in your area. If you don't want to branch out and start towing larger vehicles or make other expensive changes to your company to make money, then consider simply expanding your business hours. Operating as a 24-hour towing company instead of just having standard hours can help you stand out in many ways and differentiate without putting a lot of money into your company overall.

Slowly turn your towing company into a 24-hour towing company. Hire a person to work nights so you are not constantly on call.

Contact a local 24-hour towing company to learn more.